Reasons to eat more carbs

Why diets don’t work

Fashionable diets. You’ve probably heard of a few, from Paleo and Atkins to Cole Soup and baby food. There are many of them, but how and why did they become so popular?

When it comes to losing weight, many people want to quickly decide whether to help them dress up in a new dress for this big event or look their best ahead of the upcoming summer vacation. But in most cases, they are reluctant to invest in work and prefer spicy diets with quick results over healthy, balanced lifestyles that will bring long-term benefits. These fancy diets can only last a few weeks or even days in some cases, but in most cases they will leave you unhappy (or very uncomfortable in the case of the cabbage soup diet!).

And why don’t they work? Here are five:

1) They are short-lived

Fine diets are rarely long-lasting because no one likes to go hungry 24/7. If you eat small meals that make your stomach growl, chances are you will want to snack and eat unhealthy foods. While this isn’t always a bad thing (after all, we love good snacks!), You need to make sure your eating habits work for you, and if you don’t eat enough, you’ll be irritable, tired. and you are probably missing out on vital nutrients too.

2) they stress you

A low-calorie diet can increase the body’s levels of cortisol (a hormone associated with stress). You may find that you end up eating more, as restrictive diets can lead to overeating, which can also hurt your relationship with food.

3) disrupting your social life

Imagine you are on a baby food diet. You are invited to dinner with friends, they all prefer their favorite food, and you, okay, what the hell are you going to order ?! This may be one of the most extreme examples, but the last thing anyone wants is to count the calories in a vodka soda at night or skip this drunken snack on the way home. Lack of experience with friends will also negatively affect your mental health – is it worth it?

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4) Cutting carbs isn’t fun

Carbohydrates are an essential part of a healthy diet, and they taste great too! From a large bowl of pasta to a slice of toast (or three) in the morning, it’s a huge boost of energy. Rather than eliminating carbohydrates entirely from your diet, remember the type you eat – are they simple or complex? The complex is the best option because it provides a wider range of nutrients and does not cause a spike in blood sugar. But this does not mean that you should completely stop eating white bread, it all depends on the balance! You can read more about the different types of carbohydrates here.

5) They taste bad (or rarely)

The reason people want to cheat the day is because they can eat what they want. Why not do it all the time, just in moderation? Enjoy a slice of cake, but try to make healthier choices the rest of the time. The reason you don’t like baby food or cabbage soup is because they don’t taste good at all! But the good news is, you don’t need to eat these foods to be healthy. There are a number of different foods from a range of food groups that offer great taste, numerous health benefits, and keep you energized. So don’t just go for the latest fad diet to shed those extra pounds – do your research and try healthier yet tasty alternatives to your favorite foods.

The diet should not be short-lived. Remember that life is about balance and you should take the same approach to diet. Bring as much fresh natural food as possible, choosing different food groups where possible, but remember to indulge yourself with this fast food on the weekend, or if a colleague brings cookies to the office, who would you say no?!?

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Want more information on diet? In a blog post, we have explored the meaning of macros, as well as the difference between the popular keto diet and the low-carb diet.

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