Tendinitis in bodybuilding

Everything you need to know about tendonitis in bodybuilding: what it is, how to avoid it …

Who has never had tendonitis?
Who didn’t know what to do when they had tendonitis?
How to cure tendonitis forever?

I invite you to take stock of bodybuilding tendonitis once and for all!

1 – Bodybuilding: what is tendonitis?

The word tendinitis is a general term for tendinopathy, which is damage to the tendons, which is what attaches your muscles to your bones.

Thus, according to people, our “tendons” (tendon + tendon plate) are more or less long, depending on the length of our muscles. The shorter the muscle, the longer the “tendon” part and predisposes to tendinitis if you do not take this into account during training and do the exercises just like your neighbor who has muscle for a long time.

Specifically, tendonitis can be caused by several reasons:

1-1: Too Much Bodybuilding Workout

We are not forced to tirelessly repeat the same movements, exercises with several series and repetitions day after day, week after week.

So if you do too much, especially suddenly, by unreasonably increasing the volume of your workouts, without doing it gradually, you risk causing tendonitis.

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It could also be due to a new non-bodybuilding activity that adds volume to your muscles, often just a little one way or another. For example, if you take on a new job where you have to transport a ton of heavy cardboard a day, chances are your forearms and / or biceps won’t be able to handle it.

Subsequently, as usual, some people got lucky and never got anything. I refer you to my article on Chinese Method on this topic.

1-2: too many stretching in bodybuilding

If you have short muscles, you should not use the amplitude normally recommended for the exercises that do this in the first place.

Each exercise, especially isolation, must be adapted to the length of your muscles, otherwise you will especially stretch the tendons at the expense of the muscles, which is more than harmful, especially under heavy load.

This poor stretch is also exacerbated by any flexibility issues, so I really advise you to stretch if you’re lacking in mobility. The basic rule is to be more flexible than the range you are using for your exercises, otherwise it will inevitably lead to tendonitis or even tears …

I refer you to my reference article on bodybuilding, flexibility and mobility.

A good way to determine if you are using too much amplitude during these exercises in terms of flexibility is to see where the pain is. If they are close to insertions, this is a bad sign, as I explain in my article: Body aches.

1-3: Too Many Frequencies in Bodybuilding

After “too much volume,” “too much stretching,” you can also rush and strain your muscles too often.

On the contrary, do not do biceps every day, you will have more biceps, on the contrary! There is an optimal frequency based on various parameters for you, not for your neighbor.

So, if you combine these 3 “too many”, you can be sure that everything will end in pieces.

1-4: Lack of warm-up in bodybuilding

The part that is too often neglected and shouldn’t be repeated all the time!

Your muscles, your joints need warmth, we are not made for colds.

So get started now, as your workload can only end badly, that’s for sure.

Find my article here, which summarizes everything you need to do to warm up with resistance training: warm-up before resistance training.

Better to do less exercise during an exercise because you don’t have time to warm up than vice versa!

1-5: poor nutrition in bodybuilding

If you eat like saguin, believing vegetables are useless for bodybuilding, you can pray to survive long enough to use your potential and hope for the chance of a cuckold!

Seriously, as we recommend for SuperPhysique in the diet section, there are some basic rules to follow to take care of yourself and get the best possible results.

One of the most common mistakes is overeating protein and forgetting to eat vegetables. The result is an acid-base imbalance in your body that will not benefit you or not.

We can also cite an imbalance of omega-3 / omega-6 in favor of the latter, thanks to the western diet that promotes inflammation.

I stopped there, but I could give you dozens of dietary reasons that can help in the development of tendonitis. SuperPhysique’s dietary section lets you figure it all out if you’re interested.

So once again it is very important to eat to the last!

1-6: Postural Imbalance in Bodybuilding

In addition to flexibility issues that can affect your entire skeleton, it is possible, for example, that you have one leg longer than the other and that worries you.

So, if you stagger on one side, it will inevitably have consequences.

Fortunately, finding a good posturologist can gradually allow you to stop wobbling! 🙂

This is just one example of many. If you are interested in posture problems, I recommend reading the reference work by Christophe Carriot, Body Without Pain.

2 – Bodybuilding: Healing for Tendonitis

After exploring the various reasons in a non-exhaustive manner, it is important to know what to do to pamper yourself.

When you have tendonitis, you are lost in what to do. We don’t know if we should continue learning or stop altogether.

In most cases, we are advised to completely stop training, which is a big mistake, at least if this stop is extended.

So, here’s what you should do to get tendonitis:

2-1: Leave for a few days

If you have really big tendonitis, you should wait a few days without sipping for the pain to ease.

You can put some ice on for 20 minutes several times a day to soothe pain and reduce inflammation that needed to be applied after reaching the tendon.

2-2: no pain rule

It’s very simple, but rarely used, considering oneself stronger than pain

If you are in pain, do not do any exercise that will do or lessen your pain. You absolutely must avoid recurrence of pain.

If, on the other hand, doing the exercise reduces your pain or even makes it go away, you can continue without worries.

Sounds logical, but rarely used. I know we are sometimes very stupid, I am the first.

2-3: Practice

Our tendons are poorly vascularized, and if you don’t exercise, don’t do anything, chances are you won’t heal.

So you must continue to train the rest of your body, which you can do without worries, but also exercises that do not stretch your tendon, that do not revive and that will help you heal.

For example, you have tendonitis in your biceps, near your elbow. There is probably nothing stopping you from doing very light pronation curls in long series for blood circulation. It will even be a big plus for treating your tendonitis.

Finally, from the moment the tendonitis begins to subside, feel free to do the heavier negative reps to strengthen your tendon. Indeed, using negative reps has been shown to strengthen the tendon and speed up healing.

Anyway, just don’t do anything!

2-4: Why not take medication?

This is one of the worst mistakes when taking paracetamol, aspirin … NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for tendinitis.

Instead of healing you, it only masks pain and predisposes you to much more serious injury, not to mention disrupting the entire inflammation cycle and therefore your body.

Take the time to treat yourself properly, only in the long term will you achieve your goals.

3 – Bodybuilding: Tendinitis Prevention

Many people feel invulnerable and want to take themselves for tough guys, superheroes! 🙂

It’s true that it’s fun, but unfortunately it isn’t.

As I explain again in the Chinese method, simply because the full squat with the butt on the ground is perfect for your colleague, it doesn’t suit you.

This is not because he does breastfeeding 3 times a week without worrying that this is what you should be doing. It’s not really what he should be doing, a priori.

To prevent tendonitis, the eyes should not be larger than muscles. You must train with your limitations, your abilities, and especially in a progressive manner.

If you are doing 80kg bench press, you are not going to gain 100kg right away, even if you want to know your maximum and have been challenged! It would be a great way to get tendonitis.

Progressiveness in everything you do in bodybuilding training is truly the key to your survival and your long-term progress in individualizing, personalizing your programs.

You are unique, and therefore you should think about yourself, your goals, your past, your muscles …

You also need to eat healthy foods for your muscles. It seems logical, but many people don’t understand that we have to take care of ourselves and that we are the only ones who can do it. Food or third medicine.

For example, did you know that our tendons are composed mostly of collagen and that our current diet provides very little? That is why we recommend taking glucosamine, glycine in the first supplements …

Also remember to have the right omega-3 / omega-6 ratio, this is really important, and not just for your tendons as my friend Julien Venesson explained here: omega-3 and omega-6: Poseidon’s strength.


I think you understand that doing the right thing is the only way to achieve your goals? 🙂

4 – Bodybuilding: the conclusion about tendonitis

When you’ve never been injured, you’re rarely influenced by an article like this, and that’s why lately I’ve really been pushing the topic of countering injury, because it’s not that under this condition, so as not to get hurt as you move on. than you could imagine!

I hope I have educated you about tendonitis and now you know what to do.

I remind you, of course, that I am explaining all my methods, the best way to stretch for each muscle, the best way to do exercises for everyone and why in my e-books and trainings for those who would like more information and really get it right !

On this subject, if you have any questions, do not hesitate, I would be happy to answer you.

Good workout for everyone.

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