Gym douce

Gym: new opportunities and benefits

Gentle gym consists of doing non-aggressive and healthy exercise:

  • Joint level: controlled joint load
  • In the spine: strengthening the muscles around it
  • Moderate cardiovascular stress
  • It helps softening

For those who have never played sports, a soft gym is ideal, but we advise you to associate it with cardiovascular activity such as: exercise bike, walking, cycling, etc.

There are a large number of types of gentle gym. New techniques emerge from time to time.

Gym douce

Gentle gym in the water:

If so When practicing on the ground, you can work out in the pool in a soft gym. There are, for example, services such as aquacycling.

The benefit of doing a soft gym in the water is a very interesting limitation. what brings the liquid element.
Indeed, water resists in forward and backward motion. Thus, it is different from the gym that is practiced on the ground, and at the same time complements the latter.

Benefits of working out in a gentle gym:

The benefits and benefits of light gymnastics can appear quite quickly, within 3-4 weeks, at the rate of several sessions per week.

Plus, it’s a real moment of relaxation because you’ve finally found time for yourself.

For all the techniques we will discuss in this article, some of the exercises that make up them can be practiced at home, but we advise you to consult a specialist to get started. and then do the exercises at home. The most important thing is to get into the right postures!

Finally, if you are pregnant, you can work out in the gym. (depending on method).
However, if you are in the past month or so, daily movements will suffice.

Tai chi:

This is a gentle form of the gym, Tai Chi consists of stretching the meridians and allows energy to be re-circulated in the body. .

For old people, we highly recommend tai chi or balance workshops.

You should know that tai chi is primarily a martial art.

But Tai Chi is primarily a sequence of 108 movements, each of which corresponds to a letter of calligraphy (Taoist philosophy).

Pilates Method:

This is an activity to strengthen and increase muscles in case of imbalance.

It uses accessories that cause this imbalance.

Pilates is ideal for back pain and more because you learn to contract deep muscles, making it easy to sit up straight all day.

Indeed, instability is essential for posture control. If you only strengthen yourself, you freeze the movement and do not respond in a timely manner to the instability of everyday life.

This method is available to everyone. To avoid hurting yourself, you learn to contract your abdomen and perineum. The goal is to cover the muscles around the spine.

You can easily find Pilate’s lessons in Paris and almost everywhere in France.

If there are many Pilates exercises, we invite you to watch a video about Pilates session type:


Yoga is a gentle exercise machine that involves taking extreme poses that offer, among other things, good elements of relaxation.

The king of light gymnastics, it comes in several forms:

You can easily find yoga classes in Paris and all over France.

The latest form of fashion yoga is fly yoga, which is not the mildest form of yoga and therefore is not available to everyone.

Discover a video of yoga on the fly:

Here’s a pretty original practice.

Wutao adheres to gymnastics, which allows work with body and spirit, a clever mixture of yoga and dance.

This is practiced while standing or sitting and may even be dancing.

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