6 Overweight Exercises That Burn Fat

No scales? Do not worry! You don’t need anything other than your body to beat these killer, overweight exercises. Now you might think this will be a breeze without the added weight of the kettlebell or band resistance, but trust us, these simple yet wild movements will surely make you sweat and burn!

When done correctly, exercise that is overweight and overweight can burn fat and strengthen the entire body. All six we’ve picked below include an explosive element like the jump, meaning you’ll increase your heart rate and shift more calories than the static options.

Grenade athlete post workout

Grab some floor space and give it a try! Back to the gym? Why not combine all six exercises and create your own finisher scheme to complete your tough session? Or, if you’re working outside the home, take a few rounds for a real challenge!

1) Burpees

It’s no secret that Burpee has a bad reputation for being downright evil. But the suffering does pay off with this legendary exercise; The benefits are not limited to burning mega-calories, reducing 50% more fat than moderate exercise, but they also work on a variety of areas of the body, including the arms, chest, glutes, hamstrings, and squares. This makes Burpees one of the best home workouts.

How to make a burpee

Just stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, bend over and put your hands on the floor. Then quickly extend your legs behind you (you should be in a push-up position) and swing your legs back so that they land on either side of your arms. Finish by jumping quickly. This step must be performed vigorously and as quickly as possible for full effect.

2) Jump squats

It’s time to revive the standard swamp exercise with some power! Because they are performed faster, the benefit of squat jumping is that you will increase your heart rate and burn more calories. Just like regular squats, you will be working with quads, glutes and calves, but this explosive element promotes cardiovascular health and sweats instantly!

How to do the squat jump

It’s very simple; just keep shoulder width apart, knees soft. Bend into a sitting position, making sure your knees don’t cross your toes, and instead of just returning to a standing position, instead jump up and then straight back into the squat.

3) Mountaineers

Another one that is not for the faint of heart. Climbing exercises are great for working your core as well as your legs, glutes, shoulders, and triceps. Like burpees, speed is everything in this exercise; go fast if you want maximum fat burning!

How to make climbers

They are very easy to accomplish. Start in a push-up position and simply bring one knee to your chest, quickly return to the floor and alternate.

4) Foil attacks

If you think regular lunges are heavy, you haven’t seen anything yet! Plyometric lunges follow the same format as regular lunges, however, by switching legs, you add an explosive jump, adding intensity to the exercise at a slightly lower intensity. An excellent exercise for improving the cardiovascular system, the elimination of plio jumping also develops a decrease in body strength, stability and coordination. Do them correctly and you will target your quadrupeds, calves, hip flexors and buttocks – get ready to feel the burn!

How to lunge in plio

Start with feet together, knees soft. Push with both feet, jumping over them together, then jumping into a lunge. Then jump the leg in front of the back and vice versa.

5) side jumping

If you want to improve coordination and stability, then side jumping is for you. The benefits of side jumping are that they improve leg strength and also help improve balance and mobility. They don’t walk in the park, but it’s undeniable that you will reap the benefits!

How to side jump

There are several options, but let’s focus on side-to-side side jumping; start with a foot no more than hip-width apart. Bend your knees and plunge into a squat, then, pushing through your heels, quickly explode up and to the side – you should land softly on both legs, but to the left of where you originally started.

6) Squats

Looking to switch your normal squat routine? Well, v-sit-ups are a great alternative targeting the core and also help improve balance and stability. Again, this exercise is no joke. It’s tough, but keep up the good work and you will not only strengthen your abs, but also improve your ability to stabilize your body.

How to do squats

For the exercises, lie on the floor with your arms extended over your head and your legs straight forward. Press your chin to your chest and slowly lift your upper body off the floor while lifting your legs off the floor. Your body should be in the “V” position when reaching the top of the exercise – hence the name! For an extra burn, stay in the upright position for an extra few seconds – this will also test your balance and shape that belly.

Who said that exercise with body weight is easy ?! They can be killers, but they are worth tossing into a routine, whether it’s a sweaty finisher at the end of a session or your daily HIIT home workout.

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