Femme fitness

Women, dumbbells and fitness

It’s time to break some of the myths about fitness and bodybuilding for women.

We invite you to turn your neck from the eight myths in the field of women’s fitness to continue to train as it should fully suit your various goals.

Bodybuilding: a man’s world?

Being a woman and entering the incredible world of fitness for the first time can seem daunting, especially for bodybuilding.

This rather masculine world is changing, and bodybuilding, like fitness, is ideal or even necessary to achieve your goals.

Not more than 50 years old, women and men coexist in the world of bodybuilding.

online or according to Some pseudo fitness experts say you can read and hear anything and everything.

Let’s look at 8 myths to get rid of some bullshit.

Myth # 1: Women shouldn’t train like men

The truth is that everyone, women and men, should exercise the way they want!

The expression “train like a person” does not make sense. For example, would the deadlift exercise be an exercise for men ?!

This statement is contradictory.

Any women’s fitness goal (muscle, strengthening, weight loss, etc.) must be combined with a workout program.

If a woman needs (or wants to) develop biceps, abs, etc. to achieve her goals, there is no reason not to do strength training.

Just as part of a weight loss goal, a woman doesn’t necessarily want to spend time looking for her 1RM (maximum exercise), but if she wants, she can calculate how useful or not this information is in her training program.

Myth # 2. Women only go to the gym to lose weight

The truth is, they’re all women just don’t have the same goals.

We draw your attention to the fact that not all women want to be like each other!

Just like men, some women go to the gym to work out to get stronger, some want to blow off some steam, others want to improve their athletic ability when some want to improve their health.

Fitness is personal!

This is why it is very important to learn (online, books, etc.) about existing programs in order to achieve your goals.

If your friend is trying to lose weight, when you want to strengthen muscles, it is better not to train with him or her.

Better that way.

Myth # 3: Women need a special protein powder

Protein is protein. It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman or a man.

A man and a woman naturally consume protein (the same) and have all two special protein requirements, especially during sports to optimize their workouts.

To summarize, you take a jar of protein powder, stamp it “light”, add rose pieces and get a jar of protein powder for women …

Protein powder sold as a dietary supplement contains specific amounts of protein, carbohydrates, calories, and fat. Each brand has its own quantity.

For everyone, there are jars of protein suitable for those who are allergic to dairy products.

So there are proteins for everyone, both women and men.

Myth # 4: Olympic bars are dangerous for women

barre Olympic

Olympic bars are famous bars that are larger in diameter than the bars found in sports and leisure stores. These are the bars used for competition and in the gym.

Women can use the Olympic bars without any danger.

We hear these barbells are too heavy for women, although it’s fun to add movement with this bar to their workout routine.

There is no more danger of working with an Olympic bar than doing biceps with dumbbells if the movement is well executed and the bar is not or not very busy.

Overall, it’s always nice and fun to add a new way of working to add a little freshness to the program.

Spice up your sessions!

Myth 5: Lifting weights makes women look masculine

The reality is that lifting weights strengthens muscles and helps burn fat.

Various studies show that women who follow a resistance program (dealing with weight use) are stronger, leaner and healthier.

There is a wide range of physiques in the fitness world – from pretty muscular women like Dana Lynn Bailey to skinny India Paulino through athletic Camille Leblanc-Bazin.
Femme fitness
These different women have weight use and therefore resistance is significant and offers, depending on their use, different physical results. It is all a matter of program intensity, weight, nutritional science and genetics. Depending on your goals, your training regimen will be different.

Myth # 6: Women only need a treadmill

The treadmill is great, but it’s important that women push, lift, and pull weights.

Even if your goal is to become a professional runner, research has shown the importance of using resistance in an athletic program. Therefore

A cardiovascular program and aerobics are a very good combination.

Constant running will not give you strength. In physical balance, you must find a balance between cardio and resistance exercise.

Numerous studies have shown that endurance sports such as running alone do not help you lose weight, and therefore weight.

Therefore, you could not achieve your goals for fear of facing the dumbbell racks in the image (it’s true) is pretty masculine. But this is not so, and the fire is worth the candle.

By working with machines, dumbbells, barbells, etc., this will build the muscles of the mayor and burn more calories. This way you will lose more weight, CQFD!

Myth # 7: The goal of fitness is to be slim

How ?!

According to DNA, morphology, diet, exercise program and many other criteria, women are not the same and do not respond. Not the same with exercise.

Even athletic women don’t stay thin every year. For example, women who are involved in bodybuilding lose weight a few weeks before competing with spikes before going on stage.

So there is no point in being jealous of a friend or other woman in the room. Each of them is different.

If you want your abs to appear, work on it, but never despair not to see it so quickly. A job that can take person X for 2 months can take a year or more in your home, this is how it is.

Alternatively, you can be thin but completely tired.

Just be honest and realistic with yourself and in achieving your goals.

The best way to achieve your goals is to strive for a consistent and effective program!

Myth # 8: Women Should Not Use Creatine

In fact, your body makes creatine.

Creatine is by far the most effective supplement available today for rapidly gaining weight, muscle and strength.

Creatine is used for short periods by a very large number of people. athletes and bodybuilders.

Your body uses this creatine to convert it into energy. During very intense exercise, it is one of the most important ingredients for fuel.

Several studies have shown that women who take creatine supplements for short periods better maintain their muscle mass and improve their performance

We often associate creatine intake with weight gain. In fact, creatine causes water retention. Therefore, muscle is larger, but creatine is not dangerous when consumed according to French guidelines.

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