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Just because you can’t get into the gym doesn’t mean you give up on your goal of building abs. Believe it or not, reliable abs can be achieved from the comfort of your home! Do you want to know how? Well, you’re in luck! Fitness trainer and content creator Elliot Burton shared his exercises to cut killer abs.

“More often than not, those looking to burst out and get a crunchy abs will ignore the most important factor: nutrition,” says Elliot. – You can do as many crunches as you want, but if your body fat percentage is too high, they simply won’t be visible. And when it comes to lowering your body fat percentage, what you eat – and how much you eat – is key. ”

Diet plays a huge role when it comes to sculpting killer abs, but once you’ve locked it in, you’ll need to make sure you work on some key exercises in your workout regimen to keep those six-pack sharp. Luckily, Elliot has shared 5 of his favorites, and guess what? They can be done absolutely anywhere , so no excuses!

Elliot Burton Practical Exercises

1) Plank

A staple of the press, a scary board – a killer, but not without reason. This exercise not only works for the abs, but is also great for improving posture, flexibility and ultimately strengthening the core.

2) Raising the legs

Another important exercise to add to your abs routine is leg raises, focusing primarily on developing and strengthening the lower abdomen, an area that is often neglected when overuse of exercises like crunches and squats. The sequence of this movement consists in lifting the suspended leg, performed while hanging on a retractable bar. Keep in mind that this is not for the faint of heart, but you will definitely see results if you do them consistently.

Elliot Burton ab workout

3) Reverse crunches

A standby crisis is my personal favorite, and if done correctly, it can be extremely effective at building a hard core. Lying on the floor with your knees raised and your arms underneath, simply lift your legs off the ground and pull your legs into your torso, and then come back again – this is one rep. It’s a great alternative to regular crunches, and just like the leg raises, this move really works on the lower abs, which is vital if you’re going to be using six packs instead of just four!

4) Bike crunches

Here’s one for your upper abs and bends. To really see the benefits of this exercise, make sure to slow things down; often the bike crunches are not performed correctly, and many rush through them. For best results, simply lie flat on the floor with your lower back flat on the ground – pull your belly button to target that abs even more. Place your hands behind your head and bring your knees to your chest, lifting your shoulder blades off the ground. Straighten one leg in front of you and rotate your body towards the opposite knee, touching the knee with your elbow. Repeat on opposite side for a total of 20 reps.

5) Side bar

“Another board ?!”

Yes, and listen to me before dismissing this important step. The lateral plank is arguably one of the most effective bent and core strengthening exercises, making it a must-have addition to your regimen. Like a standard board, this is a move that involves more than just the core, strengthening your shoulders and testing your endurance!

When done correctly, these exercises are extremely effective in building strong and defined abs, however, for maximum results, it is very important that you:

1) Keep in shape throughout the entire period

2). Don’t rush your movements – instead, keep them slow and controlled and ensure maximum energized time.

3) Control your breathing

Need an example?

Here’s an example of a circuit that Elliot put together so you can work for the press from the comfort of your home!

Are these presses still burning ?! For more than six tips, head over to Elliot’s Instagram, where he posts his daily workouts and fitness and nutrition tips. If you want to add excitement to your home workout, take a look at 5 pieces of home workout equipment you think are worth investing in today!

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